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The world's largest buffalo monument, nicknamed Dakota Thunder, is a must - for any roadside attraction lover, a stop on the road is a must. This baseball stadium on the campus of North Dakota State University is home to the Fargo - Moorhead Red Wings of the American Hockey League and is housed in one of Fargo's oldest and most historic buildings, the former Fargo City Hall, every fall Saturday at 1FargsODome.com (701 - 241 - 9100). Located on the edge of a converted old grain yard near the Minnesota-North Fargo border, you will find a Fargo / Moorheads Visitor Center.

There are definitely tourist attractions in Fargo that should be visited in fine weather, but visitors often miss the phone. There are many parks in and around Fargo, ND, and you will want to experience an adventure.

Follow I-94 to discover the best North Dakota attractions to add to your itinerary when you decide to visit. Visit attractions in North Fargo for your next travel adventure and add these curiosities and road trip stops to your bucket list! Start your family vacation in North Dakota with a visit to the kids - an approved museum in Fargo, ND, or a trip to Fargo State Park. Help us plan your dream vacation here by rounding up some of the top North Minnesota attractions for you and your family.

There are many things to do in Fargo, so you can easily make a few day trips during your vacation to Fargo. This may not be the most popular thing you can do in Fargo, but your kids should be able to cope with a short visit.

Whether you're driving down I-94 between Fargo and Bismarck or off the busy path, these ten must-see places are not to be missed - check out the places to visit. You won't want your bucket list stops to be missed on your trip, so do it!

Birding may not be a popular vacation activity, but it takes place in Fargo, and you'll have a lot of fun there. As promised, birding is just one of many outdoor activities you will enjoy while visiting Fargo ND. There are so many great things to do in and around Fargo that you should definitely check out this list of great activities that you should not miss when visiting Fargo.

There are plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities throughout the state, and there are plenty of RV parks where tired travelers can rest their heads. Find other accommodations in the area by viewing our list of RV parks in North Dakota. Then make sure you go to the Red River Zoo, which we have included as a family friendly place, and then head to one of the many other great parks in Fargo, including the Red River Zoo.

With an educational and exciting year-round exhibit, Fort Union is the perfect place for history lovers to learn more about North Dakota's fascinating past. With a fascinating collection of exhibits, the North Dakota Heritage Center will take you on a walk through the entire history of the state. There are a few other exhibits that tell the story of Fargo and the history of the city as a city in the early 20th century.

If this sounds like an ideal summer vacation to you, then you need to make North Dakota your next vacation destination. Located in the North Dakota Badlands, make sure you stop in Fargo to see the fantastic wild landscape of the region. Take the charming Highway 1 to see the beautiful Badland State Park, the Great Lakes and the meandering river. There are many more attractions along the highway from Fargo to Bismarck, but this would be a nice ride in itself.

Located in historic downtown Fargo, the Plains Art Museum offers visitors a unique insight into North Dakota's art history from the early 20th century to the present. A visit to this museum should be a weekend activity in Fargo ND. With aviation artifacts ranging from Wright Brothers leaflets to Global Hawk unmanned surveillance aircraft, Fargo's Air Museum is a must-see - for history buffs. Experience new heights on your Fargo visits with the Fargo Air Museum, where you can see historic World War II aircraft.

The moose capital of North Dakota is a great place to see wildlife, moose, moose, capercaillie and pheasants are native to the surrounding countryside. The Red River Zoo in Fargo ND houses over 300 animals of 75 species and is home to Endangered species such as polar bears, grizzlies and wolves. Since its opening nearly two decades ago, the Red River Zoo has been a destination for families who want to visit and get to know animals from all over the world.

If you're looking for a quiet getaway where fishing is king, North Dakota has it all. If you and your family are going on a more robust adventure, getting your hands dirty and seeing things that are bigger than life, then this is it.

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