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The courtyard of the Marriott Fargo is scheduled to open on Saturday, November 3, 2018, as the first phase of a new Marriott hotel in Fargo, North Dakota. The 110-room hotel at 2249 55th Street is operated as a franchise by Marriott, owned and managed by the Brandt Hospitality Group. The Courtyard by Marriott, Fargo - The hotel's courtyard is scheduled to open for business on Friday, October 26, 2019. The company, which is two-thirds of its current capacity, will operate under an ongoing partnership between Marriott International, Inc. and the brand's parent company, Marriott Corporation.

The move to Marriott will also give the Fargo hotel access to the company's corporate accounts across the country, not to mention Marriott's reward program, Leslie said. It will be the first Delta hotel in the region, but more have been added since Marriott acquired the Canadian brand in 2015, Leslie said. Canadian hotels in North Dakota and Minnesota and others will appear in other states after Marriott acquires them, "Leslie said in a news release.

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The hotel's fitness center will get new equipment selected by fitness experts, Leslie said, and the Basies Restaurant and Lounge will get a new look and concept before closing for a 30-40-day renovation. Johnson said guests can expect a redesigned lobby bar, a revised menu and a redesigned menu. Other ballrooms are also being modernized: Some suites will replace bathtubs with showers, she said. She said that all rooms in the hotel, as well as the lobby and ballroom, have been updated for now, but there will be a few more upgrades in other areas, such as bathrooms and guest rooms.

Many of the changes in the coming months play into the hotel's mission to be an experience brand that offers modern amenities to modern travelers.

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