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From home decor to women's clothing, Downtown Fargo has everything you could wish for on your next shopping adventure, whether it's home decor or women's clothing, clothing or both, it has everything you could have wanted for your next shopping adventure.

The anchor stores are SCHEELS, Sears and JCPenney, but there are also many interesting smaller shops to visit. Shoppers can also visit local specialty stores such as the world-famous Nordic Needle. The Dakota Square Mall in Minot has something for everyone, the mall offers everything from home decor to sports and everything in between.

You will also find several shops selling exclusive SCHEELS Outfitters products, including hunting and fishing gear, as well as clothing, accessories and accessories.

The Vintage Point gift shop offers a wide selection of locally made items such as candied almonds, candies, sweets and other home-made foods. Hiking is an experience in itself and can be found in several downtown and Fargo North Dakota stores. Kittsona features curated home decor and cute, locally inspired wares, including wares created by local artists, craftsmen, artists and artists from across the state and country.

Fargo SCHEELS is the largest shoe retailer in the Midwest while you search for a pair of shoes for the upcoming adventure. You can also get trendy clothes, accessories and gifts and find your next favorite pair of boots and heels at the Fargo SchEels store on Main Street in Fargo.

If shopping is not your thing, make sure to visit the Splashdown Dakota Super Slides, which is described as the first ever water slide show in Fargo North Dakota State Park.

If you are passionate about cycling, we recommend the SCHEELS from Fargo, which was one of the first to add a Trek Precision Fit Studio to improve the cycling experience. TJ Maxx is moving into the new Pinehurst Square shopping center, and in its place will be North Dakota's first Gold's Gym. Since the mall opened, a new wing has been added, which is attached to a Target store and a JC Penney store. SCHeELS has not only opened a new and improved shopping experience, but also a brand new fitness center with a gym and full service fitness equipment.

SCHEELS covers everything from hunting weapons and hunting equipment to hunting and fishing equipment and accessories. There are plenty of hunting accessories for passionate hunters, as well as a wide selection of firearms and ammunition. Discover experts to help you follow your passions in Fargo, North Dakota, at SCHeELS from the Fargo Shopping Center.

All of these shops are within walking distance of each other and are centrally located on Broadway and Main Ave in Downtown Fargo. The portfolio is large enough to handle all of them in one day if you want, and they are all within blocks of each other.

Walmart, Kohl's and Gordmans are all within walking distance of each other, as are a number of other major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target. There are many shops in the square with something for everyone, including a variety of clothing and accessories, household goods, jewelry, electronics, clothing, furniture, toys and much more.

It also opens a number of new shops, including a grocery store, a clothing store and a restaurant, as well as an art gallery.

If built, the Fargo outlets on Timber Creek would be a trade area that includes 2.6 million potential buyers, according to PRG analysis.

PRG argues that Fargo outlets would strengthen the region's tourism industry by attracting more visitors and generating higher sales taxes. Many smaller retailers that sell the same goods as the anchors follow suit, says Travis Voegele, who works for PRG in commercial sales and leasing. West Acres, which attracts buyers from near and far, could also help Fargo stores with how much market there is, he said. Christianson said shopping centres were a dying breed and would be replaced by outlets due to high construction costs and a lack of retail space at their current locations.

It takes a 50-mile radius around Fargo to get close to that number, so it's going to be about doing a better job for consumers who drive long distances to do their shopping, "he said.

Whether you're just browsing or trying to upgrade your entire wardrobe, North Dakota's vast shopping options will surely satisfy you. In case you don't, the store staff are always ready to help you plan the perfect party. At Party City Fargo, we specialize in party supplies, and many of our stores offer a limited range of party goods. There are outlets in Fargo ND, so you'll find plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

Southwest of downtown there are several shopping centers, including Southpointe Mall with about 18 stores, First Center South with about 14 stores, Market Square with 15 stores, University Square with 10 stores and the South Pointe Mall in the city center, and Westgate Commons, where the Old Navy anchors the Old Navy, and T.J. Maxx Plaza, anchored (you guessed it) by, well, you guess it, T - J MaxX. West Acres is a great shopping mall for shoppers who will also find a variety of specialty stores such as Target, Macy's, JCPenney, Nordstrom and more, as well as a selection of clothing and accessories at T-J Maxz Plaza. The shopping center in the city center has a variety of specialties and small shops, separated by a large parking lot and a wide selection of restaurants and bars. This is the first retail experience for the Jamestown area, as locals and visitors can shop all the goods they need in one place.

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